Darrel Hyon-Lè

Not new to the industry, he has been paying his dues, working his way through the ‘system’. Many of you may already be familiar with him, but for those who aren’t, here’ a little background information.

Hyon-lè started in the production department as a Production Assistant where as those who’ve been there know, if you get through that, you’re well equipped for what follows. He eventually gravitated towards the casting department, directing talents in their roles, before moving back into production as a producer.

During his earlier years, he both produced and started taking on the role of 1st Asst. Director as he began taking the steps towards his ultimate role of Film Director. These roles  provided that much require foundation for this move, not just in terms of experience, but it has helped him get the confidence to do it. We still remember this gawky 20-year old with his bohemian like hairstyle and so have also seen the physical changes from boy to man.


Watching, waiting and learning, kicked-off off a directorial career with the making of two independent short films. He also recently did a visually interesting music video for an up and coming Malaysian artist who struck a recording deal with an Australian record company. What  was behind this move to directing? He says  ‘ For me, Its incredibly exciting to find that odd mix of the imaginative and the technical when telling a story’.