Harold Monfils

Born in Portugal, Dutch passport, learnt English in Taiwan. Grew up in Mexico where he joined the kind and supportive world of advertising in 1987 serving coffee at an international agency. Attended London Film School, got cold, moved to the Caribbean where he learned to salsa and started directing, moving to Asia in 1996.

Monfils is a highly accomplished film professional with a wallpaper collection of awards from New York to London through Asia. Able to produce stunning films through engaging and effectively levering the talents of clients, agency teams and film crews from diverse cultures. He has worked and shot in Venezuela, Mexico, US, United Kingdom, Morocco, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Maldives and Myanmar. Traveling more than 35 countries for the simple love of discovery.

Directed the internationally acclaimed documentary, Laya Project, which scooped industry awards from Australia to Zanzibar.

He is a people director while he shoots other stuff too, claiming he still makes great coffee.