Rewan Ishak

Next-generation director, writer Rewan Ishak came to attention in the Malaysian film industry in 2012 with the seamless debut Pasport Ekspres. The short film he made while still cutting his teeth in television world as a freelance director-producer for Channel [V], Diva Universal and E! Channel.


Rewan's transition into a filmmaking career may seem semi-charmed to local practitioners, yet the reality is just like many of his peers he spent years as a graphic designer and art director at an advertising agency and multimedia company before getting into TV and film production. He diligently took on all the work coming his way, from corporate clients Petronas, YES 4G, Samsung, McDonalds, EcoWorld, Hotlink to striving independent musicians, with a constant fascination of the unconventional driving him through.


Rewan was nominated in 4 categories for his work in critically acclaimed KIL - the Best Film, Best Production Design, Best Editing and Best Poster Design categories for the 26th Malaysian Film Festival in November 2014 and took home Best Poster Design, Best Production Design & Best Film award.


His web film series ‘Road To Ramlee’ for Samsung Malaysia & Petronas Raya webfilm “Sampai Hati” which won Kancil Awards 2015 for Short Film (non-broadcast) & Film Craft.