Sly Song

Sly's background in advertising and the love of films leads him to be a Film Director. 

As a creative, Sly worked with some of Asia’s best film directors such as Louis Ng and David Tsui serving as a good apprenticeship, whereby helping him developed his own style of directing, crafting and storytelling. Sly then went on to study filmmaking in New York at the New York Film Academy to further strengthen his directing skill. 

With his strong advertising background, Sly has a deep understanding of what an idea is and how important it is to bring out the creative idea to life in the best possible way.

His experience living in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney has also help him see things for a different angle and his ability to work with people from different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. 

Sly has experience shooting big regional campaigns in different parts of the world including Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Philippines, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Sly’s films are often performance based, with cinematic sensibilities and commitment to detail. He believes that every film should have a soul and it is the job of a film director to bring out the soul in a film.